Meet us at the Fair!


We’re back at the Sandusky County Fair this week and waiting for some good conversation with friends new and old!  Stop by to see us.  Find the Marine Corps tent and we’ll be just two tents south (not too far from the Flower Building).

This morning a Marine stood in front of Dave Pasch’s sign at the front of our tent to read about military spending, but we regret we didn’t get a chance to talk with him.  In fact many fair-goers throughout the day paused to read the sign.  Dave has spoken passionately on this topic at all the fair booths we’ve sponsored over the years.  His message is needed now as much as ever!


The kids loved the free tattoos, another PPJ tradition at the fair!




Our free bumper stickers are a hit.  The Quakers have designed a compelling slogan for the current era: “LoveThyNeighbor (No exceptions)!


These “Welcome Your Neighbor” signs are available at our tent.  The idea for these signs came from Immanuel Mennonite Church in Harrisburg, VA and now they’re popping up in yards all across the country, including Sandusky County!  We are asking for a $15 donation to cover our cost.


Thanks to Judy Donnan who designed this moving display asking  us to be in solidarity with immigrants and others who are vulnerable or marginalized.  We hope the signs and bumper stickers will carry this vital message into our communities.


Lift up the flaps on Dave Johnson’s display and learn the answers to some provocative questions about single payer health insurance!  Then mark your calendars for the Community Forum on Single Payer being held in Fremont on Oct. 3.  And pick up some great literature, like “The Conservative Case for Single Payer.”  Are you curious?  Pay us a visit!


Be sure to pick up some postcards and give your members of Congress something to think about!


When your forget your congress member’s phone number, just consult the back of our business card to learn how to search by zip code.  Keep it handy!

Below are a few last photos for today.  Do make plans to “Meet Me at the Fair”!



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2 Responses to Meet us at the Fair!

  1. dhfinke says:

    We’re relatively new to Northern Ohio, having moved to Oberlin after meeting here in College over 50 years ago. But we keep discovering marvelous things outside our City Limits here in Lorain County, and learning of your group makes us want to come visit you at the Fair next year. I want to stay on your mailing list! What amazing things you’re offering the public: you have a lot to share! And the graphics are particularly striking. Keep up the good work! —DHF

    • josievs says:

      It’s so good to hear from you. Oberlin is such a wonderful haven. And its residents know they can’t just rest in their politically comfortable surroundings. So many of them are active through Lorain County Rising and more. Likewise, I’ve enjoyed getting to know them at various events! Meanwhile our Sandusky County Fair continues until Sunday and the weather’s great for the rest of the week. Thanks so much for reaching out to us!

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