Visit us at the 2021 Sandusky County Fair!

Visit our booth during the Sandusky County Fair, Aug. 24 – 29, 2021! We started doing our fair booths back in 2008. We’ve skipped a year or two here and there, but not many!

This year we have two major themes: 1) Protecting the Vote and 2) Climate Crisis. (See our Climate Crisis page here.)

We provide fair-goers with several ways to engage:

1. Sign our postcards to a) our state legislators asking for Fair Districts and b) our US Senators asking for Clean Energy Now! (We’ll pay postage and mail them for you.)

2. Share your ideas for protecting our Earth on our sign board!

3. Take home peace bracelets, fair district yard signs, and more.

4. Check out your voter registration and voting location with the QR code on the Make a Plan to Vote handout, created by Justice for Migrant Women.

Meet us at the fair!

No better time to talk about climate change than this year’s scorching fair week!
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