Fremont Vigil for Racial Justice

June 3, 2020

Press Alert

Anti-Racism Vigil: Stand for Justice for George Floyd and all victims of racist violence

Today, 4:30 – 5:30 pm, Corner of Front and State, Fremont, OH

Contact: Josie Setzler, 419-559-3759

Community members will stand vigil for justice for George Floyd and all victims of racist violence. The Rev. Matt Wahlgren and Cassandrea Jones-Tucker will offer opening remarks at the park at the corner of Front and State St. Participants will line the sidewalks on State St.

Vigil cosponsors are People for Peace & Justice Sandusky County, Fremont Chapter NAACP, CommonUnity, and Justice for Migrant Women.

Statements from our speakers and cosponsors:

The Rev. Matt Wahlgren, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church: “I have learned that it is not enough to say ‘I’m not a racist’…it is not enough claim to be an ally and stand beside someone in their fight.  I have learned that we need to work hand in hand to make change. Today we raise our voices together and cry out ENOUGH! and tomorrow and the days after we work for long lasting systemic changes for equality and equity for all.”

Dr. Regina Vincent-Williams, Fremont Chapter NAACP: “We all want change. Who wants to see anyone Black or White, male or female, old or young on the ground with that person’s life squeezed out of him or her? We want all policemen involved in Mr. George Floyd’s murder to be arrested and charged.  We also want equality.  In jobs, in housing, in education, in healthcare access – in all areas!  We helped build this country and we are tired of being second class citizens.”

Mónica Ramírez, Founder and President of Justice for Migrant Women: “Justice for Migrant Women joins all of those fighting for the safety, dignity & humanity of the Black community. We are heartbroken that the Black people continue to be attacked, discriminated against, and denied rights, protections and fair treatment by police, institutions and people across our country. We demand the defense of Black Lives and lift our voices, once again, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Cassandrea Jones-Tucker, CommonUnity: “CommonUnity’s mission is to offer community leaders a voice, address concerns, bring awareness of community events as we strive towards the betterment of our community. I recall Harriet Tubman’s words: ‘If you hear dogs, keep going if you see the torches in the woods, keep going, if there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.’ I will keep going until we have liberty and justice for all.”

Josie Setzler, People for Peace & Justice Sandusky County: “Law enforcement and government leaders need to know that community members are paying attention. We see the racist violence our black brothers and sisters have been suffering, and we want accountability.  We stand publicly to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to call for respect, dignity, and justice now. The black community has waited far too long.”


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