Welcome back to our Palestine delegation!

Project Peace’s delegation to Palestine returned on Saturday. Read some highlights from their travel blog.

Project Peace

Shehuda street Hebron

Welcome back to our delegation who returned on Saturday!  Review their travel blog on Tumblr at www.tiffinpalestine.tumblr.com

Here are links to a few highlights:

May 12th Lunch at a Bedouin Camp

May 14th  Life on Chicken Street in Hebron

May 15th post by Lindsay Kagy

May 16th Final post by Sr. Paulette  and fellow delegation members

Each member contributed his/her closing memories in their final post below:

The community and hospitality shared by the shopkeepers as they offered welcome, and an invite to come in for a cup of coffee/tea as they shared the details of their arts and crafts. Of course, “we” then contributed to the economy of the area. Many special memories that will last for a lifetime.

Despite the impressions one has of Israel coming from the States, we certainly have come away with a new understanding of the injustices perpetrated upon the Palestinian and…

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