Back to the Tracks! Safe Railroads NOW


We’ll be back at the Norfolk-Southern crossing on State St. downtown Fremont, this Wednesday at 4:00 pm to keep up the pressure after East Palestine: stricter rail safety laws NOW!

**We’ve notified the Toledo television stations.** Can you join us?

Deregulation is a TRAINWRECK!
Listen to rail workers, not lobbyists.

Last week 20 people showed up, and so did the News-Messenger, who ran this front-page report on our protest.

But we know the lobbyists are working even harder than ever to DERAIL any government efforts toward stricter regulations in the wake of East Palestine!

So let’s speak up for the safety of our community…

1. Pick up a marker and make a snarky sign…or hold one of ours! This Wednesday at 4 pm, corner of Front and State downtown Fremont.

2. Call your members of Congress to demand stricter rail safety laws.

Representative Marcy Kaptur gave a brief impassioned floor speech in the House last week on this topic. Watch it here.

She spoke in Sandusky today, again calling for stricter rail safety and accountability from Norfolk-Southern. Read the report here.

Call her office to support her efforts: 419-259-7500.

In a nutshell, here’s what has happened in recent years to train regulations:

Train-brake rules were rolled back under the Trump administration and have not been restored; hazardous material regulations were watered down at the behest of the railroad industry; and railroad workers have been decrying the safety impacts incited by years of staffing cuts, poor working conditions and neglect by railroad corporations in favor of Wall Street investors.–from The Guardian (full article)

An independent investigative news outlet that is doing great work on East Palestine is Rail companies blocked safety rules before Ohio derailment.

We’d love to have you join us!



People for Peace & Justice Sandusky County

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