International activist to speak on drones in Fremont Oct. 8

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Murder by Remote Control: Ground the Drones

Brian Terrell  
International activist
Co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence

October 8, 2015
7:00 pm

St. Bernardine Home
1220 Tiffin St., Fremont, O

Free and open to the public

Download the flyer here.

Brian Terrell lives and works on a Catholic Worker farm in Maloy, Iowa. From there he travels, speaking and acting with various communities working for peace. His work has taken him to many places in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Korea. He has also visited Palestine, Israel, Bahrain, and Iraq and returned from his second visit to Afghanistan last February.  A lifelong peace activist, Brian has been arrested and jailed many times in actions for peace and human rights. In 2012-2013, he served a six month prison sentence for protesting drone killing from Whiteman Air force Base in Missouri.

Ground the Drones

The use of armed drones is expanding far beyond the battle field. Drones rarely engage in combat, but are used in assassinations and extrajudicial executions, almost always resulting in “collateral damage.” In “signature strikes,” unidentified suspects and those in their vicinities are killed by drones firing hellfire missiles based on the suspects “patterns of behavior,” similar to the domestic “racial profiling” by increasingly militarized police.


People for Peace & Justice Sandusky County –

Project Peace  –

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