Urging Senator Brown to oppose bills which negate diplomacy with Iran

Let’s let our senators know that we support diplomacy with Iran. We are not willing to follow a foreign leader down a path to war. This blog post contains a phone number and simple script for contacting the offices of Senator Brown and Senator Portman.

Project Peace

Dear sr. Paulette Schroeder,

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and more than fifteen thousand advocates are on the Hill pressing Congress for anti-diplomacy legislation and new sanctions on Iran. Netanyahu just finished his speech on the floor of the House, where he spoke out against the current negotiations.

Your members of Congress are hearing a lot of opposition to diplomacy. They need to hear that their constituents support the ongoing talks with Iran. Please call Congress today, and urge them to let diplomacy work.

You’ve already done so much to protect delicate negotiations around Iran’s nuclear program. Thanks in large part to your calls, emails and lobby visits around the country, anti-diplomacy sanctions legislation that was intended to pass in January is currently shelved until at least the end of this month.

What’s more, dozens of members of Congress spoke out before Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech. They question the…

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